Phoebe Products Office

Made in USA Quality

US FlagAt our facility, we do everything start to finish, so we can ensure your treats are being made to only the highest standard. All recipes are formulated in house, of which we will guarantee to meet protein, fat, fiber, and moisture specifications. Products are also tested both during and after being manufactured to make sure they meet our specifications for palatability and shelf life, which could be shortened from excessive water activity. We have also worked with multiple customers on hold and release programs to test for salmonella.

All the fresh ingredients used in our products are sourced from only reputable facilities. A majority of these ingredients are also sourced in the USA, which we will continue to support. Phoebe Products is one of the few private label manufacturing plants capable of producing high quality meat based treats. All the meats we use are fresh frozen and ground in house. Being a dedicated beef plant, all our beef and bison comes from USDA inspected plants. We have also gone through the certification to be able to ship beef products into Canada. The whole grains we bring in are also tested and approved before they reach our floors. We have our own in house milling program so these grains can be ground and mixed to our spec. This guarantees a greater looking product for all of our customers.

Puppies with FoodBaking begins by batch mixing specific dough which is then compressed through a rotary molder. The individual shaped biscuits then run through a 400 degrees Fahrenheit band oven where they will reach an internal temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit, which will kill any harmful pathogen instantly. Treats are normally tempered for up to 48 hours where they undergo both moisture and water activity tests to ensure quality.

Freeze drying is another form of processing which Phoebe Products adopted in 2009. The great thing about freeze drying is whatever you put in the freeze dryer also comes out. This means that any nutrients going in will not be destroyed during the drying process like extrusion or baking techniques. This also gives you the ability to be able to dry whole meats for one of the most palatable and easy to feed treats known today. For food safety in this area, we recommend par boiling or irradiating any of the meats we place into the dryer.

Another strong point of our business here at Phoebe Products is our ability to package and co-pack your products. Being early adopters of the re-sealable pouch, our manufacturing facility is very efficient at getting your products to look the way you would like them to. We can recommend a range of packaging manufactures to make your product look as attractive as possible to the consumer you would like to reach.

For shipping, all pallets are taken care of to a very high standard. All incoming trucks are inspected and are made sure to be clear of any debris. Trucks can be locked and coded to your standard.

Let Phoebe Products help you develop and formulate your own unique private label dog treat. Phoebe Products will compliment your private label program by providing a wide range of formulations designed to meet the needs of your target customers.